strayer LEG 500 Assignment 2

Question I. Introductiona. Give a brief history of employment-at-willb. Thesis Statement: This paper will evaluate the employment-at-will doctrine, examine the state’s policy on employment-at-will, and analyze a real-world example. II. Summarize the employment-at-will doctrine discussed in the text and then evaluate three (3) of the six (6) scenarios described by determining:a. Scenario 1• Whether you […]

UMUC BMGT305 Current events article critique

Question Current events article critique Instructions In this short report, you will research a current event article (no older than 180 days) that addresses the importance of knowledge and knowledge management in placing the organization at competitive advantage. Articles may be obtained from any newspaper, business reporting outlet (such as Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, FastTrack, […]

UOP MKT571 WEEK 2 ASSIGNMENT-New Product Launch Marketing Plan, Part I

Question Create a product launch plan of no more than 1,050 words for 2 markets (domestic and international). Include the following components for both markets: Market needs Market growth A brief SWOT Analysis Potential competition Product offering and product definition Product identification Justification for your choice of product A 10-question survey that you will use […]


Question Running head: [INSERT TITLE HERE] [INSERT TITLE HERE] Student Name Allied American University Author Note This paper was prepared for [INSERT COURSE NAME], [INSERT COURSE ASSIGNMENT] taught by [INSERT INSTRUCTOR’S NAME]. PART I Directions: Using Microsoft® Word to save and submit your work, please provide detailed and elaborate responses to the following questions. Your […]


Question Homework Assignment Introduction Welcome to the Module 1 Homework Assignment for MAT 130: Beginning Statistics. PART I: SHORT RESPONSE Directions: Please answer each of the following questions thoroughly. 1. Seventy-two percent of Americans squeeze their toothpaste tube from the top. This and other not-so-serious findings are included in The First Really Important Survey of […]

GRAND CANYON ACC350 WEEK 2 Topic 2 Assignment

Question Details: Please complete the following exercises and/or problems from the textbook: E21-30 E21-31 E21-37 CP21-63 Prepare your answers in an Excel workbook, using one worksheet per exercise or problem. Save your workbook using the filename LastnameFirstinitial.ACC350.T# where the # represents the topic number. For example, John Doe would submit assignment #5 using the following […]

Final Project

Question GE company and need references. 1) Analyze a publicly traded company’s financial statements for the prior five years. Include the following items as supplemental schedules to the analysis, prepared as individual worksheets within an Excel spreadsheet: a) Horizontal analysis of the prior five years’ income statement and balance sheet. b) Vertical analysis of the […]