Research paper – During the Civil War the duties and responsibilities

Question Write a research paper (it must be eight to 10 pages of text in length, double spaced, with one-inch margins) based on your term paper topic and proposal assignment, utilizing the sources from your annotated bibliography assignment. The paper must present an argument based on your thesis from your topic and proposal assignment. Your […]


Question Ex. 1-88—FASB. The Financial Accounting Standards Board was established because many groups interested in financial reporting believed that the Accounting Principles Board was not effective. Discuss the apparent advantages that the FASB should have over its earlier counterpart, the APB. Ex. 1-89—Evolution of a statement of financial accounting standards. In establishing financial accounting standards, […]

Chapter 1 The New World of Marketing Communication

Question 137) How is public service advertising different from brand advertising? 138) How did increasing literacy rates and increased access to printed materials affect advertising in the Early Age of Print? 139) In the 1880s, advertising was referred to by advertising legend Albert Lasker as “salesmanship in print driven by a reason why.” Explain what […]

Questions on Canons of Rhetoric

Question Use the template provided and use the questions on Canons of Rhetoric (see attached) to write a critique of a presentation of Joe Kowan. Please watch Joe Kowan—”How I Beat Stage Fright” (TED Talk; 8:03 minutes) InventionA.Evaluate the research sources using specific examples to support youropinion.1. Was it evident that the speaker had […]

Business Research Report Proposal: Initial Research Proposal

Question Business Research Report Proposal: Initial Research Proposal 1000 words worth 10% The initial research proposal will consist of the following SIX (6) items: 1. Identify a business research topic 2. Define the research questions for the identified problem or opportunity 3. Select the appropriate research methodologies and techniques to use for the research project […]


Question 4.Amanagerwhogetsworkdonewitha minimumofeffortisincreasingthe oftheorganizationa.efficiency b.effectiveness c.functionalityd.synergy e.productivity 5.Amanagerengagedinthemanagement functionofandtakingcorrectiveactionwhenneeded. a.planning b.organizingc.leading d.controllinge.motivating 6.Managerswhotrainandsupervisetheperformanceofnonmanagerialemployees,andwhoaredirectlyresponsibleforproducingthecompany’sproductsorservices,arecategorizedas: a.generalmanagersb.middlemanagers c.first-linemanagersd.teamleaders e.topmanagers 7.Accordingto Mintzberg,whichofthefollowinglists the threemajorrolesmanagersfulfillwhileperformingtheirjobs? a.interpersonalroles,informationalroles,anddecisionalrolesb.informationalroles,ethicalroles,andactionroles c.corporate roles,coordinationroles,andinformationalroles d.decisionalroles,informationalroles,andorganizationalroles e.interpersonalroles,intrapersonalroles,anddepartmentalroles 8.Whichskillsincrease in theirimportance to successasmanagersrisethroughthemanagerial ranks? a.humanskillsanddecisional skills b.informationalskillsandthemotivationto managec.conceptual skillsand themotivation tomanage d.conceptualskills,technicalskills,andhumanskillse.humanskillsandinformationalskills 9.Anaccountantwith hastheabilitytocreateabudget,comparethebudgettotheactualincome statement,anddetermineunnecessaryexpenses.a.technicalskill b.humanskill c.conceptual skilld.motivationalskille.interpersonalskill