Chapter 1—Multinational Financial Management: An Overview

Question 61. If managers of foreign subsidiaries make decisions that maximize the values of their respective subsidiaries, they automatically maximize the value of the entire corporation. a. True b. False 62. A decentralized management style, where subsidiary managers make the relevant decisions regarding their subsidiary, may result in better decision making, as subsidiary managers are […]


Question 1.Managersareresponsiblefordoingthebasicworkin the company.a.True b.False 2.Thefourclassicalfunctionsofmanagementare (1) makingthingshappen, (2) meetingthe competition,(3) organizingpeople, projects,andprocesses,and(4)leading. a.True b.False 3.Topmanagersareresponsibleforcreatingacontextforchangein theorganization.a.True b.False 4.Companieslookforatotaloffoursetsofskillsin individualsto identifypotential managers.Thesedesiredskillsaretechnicalskills,humanskills,conceptualskills,andmotivationto manage. a.True b.False 5.Upper-levelmanagersmayactuallyspendmoretimedealingwithpeoplethanlower-levelmanagers.a.True b.False

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Question 20. Supply chain management is primarily concerned with the integration and coordination of a firm’s own logistical operations. 23. The sales force is generally responsible for designing and implementing a firm’s customer relationship management (CRM) processes. 24. “The purpose of marketing is to make a sale,” is an example of a consultative relationship perspective. […]