Chapter 6 Databases and Information Management


Jill started a paint store 12 years ago. She put in a traditional file system
to meet her marketing needs when she started her business. Two years later she
put in a traditional file system to take care of accounting and operations.
Just three years ago they put in another system to handle marketing and CRM.
Jill is looking at installing another traditional file system this year to
handle purchasing and SCM. Jill has been reading that perhaps they should be
using a DBMS instead of these individual traditional file systems. How would you
advise her and why?

Susan is putting in a new DBMS in her fashion design business. She wants to do
this right. She has asked you to outline some important principles of database
design. How would you advise her and why?

Helen just wants to design and implement a DBMS in her organization. She is
very technical and has a great aptitude for this type of work. Her outside
consultant is telling her that she must make some management decisions about
information policy and data quality assurance because they are essential in
managing the firm’s resources. How would you advise her and why?

What challenges does the increase in unstructured data present
for businesses?

How does text mining improve decision making? What are the challenges
involved in text mining?